Demonstrating glass blowing at Franklin Park Conservatory

Horkover Glass LLC




I've always felt a creative drive as an extension of my fascination with the physical qualities of the world around me, particularly the natural world. When I was very young it was the smell and feel of paint through my fingers as I smeared it around on wet paper, and the feel of pounding a nail and it sinking into a piece of scrap wood to build a “ship.” Today that same physical fascination flows through more complex processes, and I see the details of the physical world with a better understanding of their complexities, but that same childlike wonderment and need to feel still drives me.

This is the view reflected in my hot glass bubble.jpg

 "Find a beautiful piece of art...fall in love...admire it...and realize that that was created by human beings just like you, no more human, no less."

Maya Angelou



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